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Comments Policy

We love comments and respect freedom of speech. We enjoy interacting with our beloved subscribers, readers and commentators. We know you have commented in good faith, but this comment policy is for certain persons and newbies (First Time Visitors).

We expect that you should follow all the guidelines specified in this formal comment policy.

What is the benefit of this comments policy?

It not only helps us to grow in the dynamic environment but also helps us to build a better relationship with our readers and commentators. That's why, we have created this policy because we including you, all of us wants to grow in our life.

The benefit of this policy will not only accrue to us but also to you. You will be the hero in blogging community if you follow these standards (because of interact and inspire concept). And of course, all popular blogs follows these simple rules.

Important Notes

We reserve all the rights towards this policy including the right to make changes in this policy anytime and without any prior notice. We use Captcha for the protection of our commenting system from spammers so that we can keep out spammers from our blog. Therefore, you have to solve the captcha to publish your comment.


Please follow these rules when commenting on our blog,

General guidelines


  1. Comments should be about the article you're reading.
  2. Post clear, valuable, and honest information.
  3. Keep it readable; don't use excessive capitalization and punctuation.
  4. Use proper grammar and check your spelling.
  5. Make your comments useful and informative.
  6. Be nice to others; don't attack others.


  1. Don't post the comment that is abusive or hateful or threatens or harasses others.
  2. Don't impersonate any person.
  3. Avoid Silly Complimentary Comments.
  4. Don't provide unnecessary links to Your Blog And Others.

Specific Guidelines

Avoid Silly and Spam Looking Complimentary Comments.

We appreciate readers thanking our authors and this blog, but if everyone starts to say the same, then our discussion panel will become meaningless. So kindly avoid complimentary comments like “Thank you”, “Excellent article”, “This article helped me a lot”, “Great tips, I’m going to follow this”, etc. Avoid this, because it’ll help people to differentiate a genuine comment and spam/fake comment. Under such situation, we may delete your comment to avoid further issues. Thanks for understanding.

Moderating Comments

We review each and every comment before publishing in this blog. To make a good comment page, all comments and trackbacks made here will be moderated. Don’t resubmit your comment if it does not appear right away; maybe it is under moderation.

Spammers and Advertisers

We use Captcha for the protection of our commenting system from spammers so that we can keep out spammers from our blog. Therefore, you have to solve the captcha to publish your comment. If by any case, spam comments pass captcha problem, we will delete them immediately upon review. Using Advertising Keywords in Name field of comment form is prohibited. Those comments will be removed.

Language and Racism

Avoid harsh language and racist comments. We will remove such comments immediately upon review, and such comments will never be publish.

Linking To Your Blog And Others

We strictly prohibited the use of any linking to your blog or other blogs or sites. We allowed only such type of links which are relevant to the topic and necessary for it. Irrelevant or excessive links are not encouraged, so they are removed without prior notice. We request you not to use this as an opportunity to promote or advertise anything. If you want to advertise, buy an ad slot here.

Signature In Comments

We don’t discourage or encourage leaving signatures in comments. That is completely optional, and we allow signatures in comments without any hyperlink. We will not delete the comments with signatures as long as the comments are relevant and added something to the conversation.

Subscribing To Comments Via E-mail

Please use a valid and own email address to receive the notification of comments left after yours. If you wish to unsubscribe the notification of comments you can do it anytime by visiting the comment subscription manager. If you want to sign up for comments, leave a tick mark near to the “Notify Me” before submitting your comment.

Thanks for reading our comments policy.