16 July, 2011

EasyBoot Image Pack 1

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Collection of 30 images for EasyBoot Software to use in your project as background instead of default images.

EasyBoot is an integrated tool to create MultiBoot, Menu driven CDs & DVDs with native language. It has the ability to automatically produce boot image files, and generate the ISO file as well.

EasyBoot is good software for booting multiple Operating Systems from one disc. It provides essential framework for making bootable CD/DVD but it lacks the feature of good user interface for bootable disks.

So that, I have make some special background images with buttons for users of EasyBoot software.

EasyBoot Image Pack Collection

How to use this Graphics pack in your EasyBoot Project?

  1. First, Extract everything from zip file, then you find a folder named "ezboot" in it.
  2. Open this folder and now copy all files from this folder and save in the location of default directory of EasyBoot like "Your Easyboot Folder\ezboot".
  3. Now, copy any image to "Your Easyboot Folder\ezboot".
  4. Now it is required to change the settings of EasyBoot software so that your image shows properly.
  5. First click on "file" menu, change location of background image to the location of your recently copied image (As per step 3).
  6. Then click on "Options" and now click on "Configuration".
  7. Change Screen mode to "256 color (8bit)".
  8. Now, Change Screen resolution to "600*800 pixels".

Now you are Ready to Make your Bootable Dvd/Cd.

Size - 6.67 Mb
Total images - 30
Image format - Bmp

To Download Easyboot Pack 1, Click on Download Button.

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