25 November, 2015

Using GoogleWebLight in Desktop Browser

An article showing how to use GoogleWebLight service for surfing internet at blazing speed on slow network (2G) or to save data on faster network (3G or 4G), While accessing websites even through your desktop browser (Like Mozilla, Safari, IE).

21 November, 2015

03 June, 2015

31 May, 2015

Must have Apps for Windows Phone

List of useful WP Apps, which are essential for Windows Phone OS and crucial for basic phone tasks like listening music, playing Video, Surfing Internet, accessing files and much more.

15 July, 2014

Download Windows Phone 8.1 SDK Lite

Update - You can deploy XPK into windows phone 10 directly with this WP 8.1 SDK. Just turn on developer option in settings in your Windows Mobile, then Deploy Apps.
A small sized utility to connect and to deploy apps on windows phone 8.1 extracts from WP 8.1 SDK.

23 August, 2013

16 July, 2011

EasyBoot Image Pack 1

Collection of 30 images for EasyBoot Software to use in your project as background instead of default images.