26 December, 2015

Add Couch Mode Widget in Blogger

Couch Mode provides comfort to readers of your blog in reading your published articles. Adding Couch Mode widget to your existing Blogger Blog provides extra edge over other bloggers, who doesn't give option to read without any irritated content. This article will enable you to add this gadget in your BlogSpot blog and enhancing user browsing experience.

Most of the blogs are using too much advertisement so that advertisements dominate the main content. Improper or too much use of advertisements or gadgets will makes the user feel irritated and due to this, they moves on to another website.

25 November, 2015

Using GoogleWebLight in Desktop Browser

An article showing how to use GoogleWebLight service for surfing internet at blazing speed on slow network (2G) or to save data on faster network (3G or 4G), While accessing websites even through your desktop browser (Like Mozilla, Safari, IE).

Recently I came to know about GoogleWebLight Service while accessing websites on my desktop, It shows me websites at light speed at never like before. Even the load time got reduced drastically for large size website also. So that, I decided to write this article for readers of this blog.

21 November, 2015

Two Ways to Deploy Apps in Windows Phone 10

Tutorial showing two alternative ways to install windows phone app in WP 10 either through WP 8.1 SDK mini.

Since from releasing Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 10166 for windows phone by Microsoft, a tool named “WinAppDeployCmd.exe” was introduce by Microsoft for deploy apps in Windows Phone 10.

03 June, 2015

How to Remove Contact and Message Backup App from Windows Phone

Tutorial on how to remove pre-installed or System Apps like Contact & Message Backup App, Nokia Account App, Device Hub etc. from Windows Phone.

If you already installed contact and message App on your Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Phone 10, There may be some instances when you want to uninstall this app from mobile phone, since, this tiny app only installs in Settings on your Windows Phone (it will not be listed in your apps except in case of any Windows Phone 10 Operating system, in which it is shown in your application list also).

31 May, 2015

Must have Apps for Windows Phone

List of useful WP Apps, which are essential for Windows Phone OS and crucial for basic phone tasks like listening music, playing Video, Surfing Internet, accessing files and much more.