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FeedBurner Subscribe & Download Widget Guide


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FeedBurner Subscribe and Download Widget For Blogger

FeedBurner Subscribe and Download Widget For Blogger
Surprise! Syncboost Network is happy to announce that we are introducing FeedBurner subscribe and download widget for BlogSpot blogs. Which is first of its kind of the only widget available on Blogger platform. It allows distributing files through email subscriptions form to users after they have successfully subscribed to your blog.

Add Couch Mode Widget in Blogger

Add Couch Mode Widget in Blogger
Couch Mode provides comfort to readers of your blog in reading your published articles. Adding Couch Mode widget to your existing Blogger Blog provides extra edge over other bloggers, who doesn't give option to read without any irritated content. This article will enable you to add this gadget in your BlogSpot blog and enhancing user browsing experience.

Most of the blogs are using too much advertisement so that advertisements dominate the main content. Improper or too much use of advertisements or gadgets will makes the user feel irritated and due to this, they moves on to another website.